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etcetera.Mvc adds additional UI functionality to the ASP.NET MVC Framework in the form of rich HtmlHelpers. These enhancements can increase your productivity using the MVC Framework.
etcetera.Mvc is written in C# and depends on MvcContrib and jQuery (both included in downloads).

The UI library in form of HtmlHelpers currently consist of the following controls. For usage instructions and samples see the online documentation.



The grid is based on the one of the MvcContrib. It comes along with a seperate and very customizable paging toolbar. The grid has got everything you know from MvcContrib and adds the following:
  • Efficient paging support via AJAX without a single line of JavaScript
  • Fallback to or optional paging with regular page reloads in case JavaScript is disabled on the client side
  • Sortable columns
  • Optional grid header with support for collapsing the grid
  • Paging toolbar support for direct input of page numbers
  • The toolbar can be completely customized with additional buttons at any position
  • Customizable Excel export of grid data
  • All labels and tooltips can be customized

The grid comes with a jQuery plugin, sample images and stylesheets to get you started quickly.



The calendar shows a complete month and supports the display of calendar entries like appointments or meetings. It is completely independent of any existing data structures.
This HtmlHelper control lets you configure
  • the week starting day
  • whether you would like to show the days of previous and next months in the calendar
  • whether the current date should be highlighted
  • complete control over links to entries and dates

As the other controls, the calendar look and feel is completely styleable through CSS.



The progressbar is a very simple and lightweight component intended as a replacement for the according jQueryUI component.

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